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Nursery Programme – Fun Do Manual

The ABC/Have-a-Ball Nursery Programmes are a series of fun-based exercises to develop movement and motor skills for children aged 4 to 7 years old. These skills form the basis for the later development of the specific skills of Hurling and Gaelic Football. The level of competency with which one can perform these skills is referred to as their Level of Physical Literacy.

Fundamental Movement and Basic Motor Skills should be developed in the early years of physical development to provide the basis for all further movement and motor development. However, they should also be practised throughout the career development of a player and are typically utilised as elements of warm-up activities for both developing and elite players.

The ABC element of the programme focuses on fundamental movement skills including Crawling, Rolling, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Running and Jumping skills. The Have-a-Ball element of the Programme focuses on basic motor skills including Throwing, Catching and Passing, Kicking and Striking skills on the player’s ability to play with and manipulate a ball.