Jason Mockler


Nickname: Mocks


Age: 23


Jason is another with a long involvement with Towers, having played with the club for 14 years and is currently playing with the Junior Footballers. The fitter in Lufthansa will be hoping to scale new heights when he takes to the boxing ring on March 9th, having been so enthused by last year’s event he decided it was worth the dedication and commitment for 2012.


Podge Mc Geever

Age: 23

Nickname: Podge “Hairy Hands” McKeever

Podge has been a member and supporter of Round Towers since he was a young lad and played underage football and hurling for the club for many years. Since Minor level, Podge has focussed on hurling and has ambitions this year to win promotion and a championship on the hurling pitches. He is a student teacher and his guidance is being brought to bear locally, as he spends his Monday’s and Friday’s in Moyle Park College, while attending lectures at NUI Maynooth the three other days of the week. Podge’s participation in this year’s event stems from his desire to raise money for the club and to improve his fitness levels. He missed out on last year’s night of entertainment, having been in Australia, and followed the stories of legend that emanated from the event across the world. He now wants to make the most of the 2012 event. His ambitions for the night? “I just want the crowd to be entertained with the fight and not to embarrass myself! Winning would be a nice bonus. At the end of the day a man still has to be able to hold the head high whilst drinking pints down the club!”



Damien Murray

Age: 30

Murray ‘Snr’ re-enters the ring after an exhibition at the same venue 12 months ago. He knows the venue well in light of the fact that he works there on a daily basis giving him a distinct advantage. A long serving senior football he is tall and rangy, possessing a reach and quick feet, which will be a problem for opponents. A member of the executive committee Damien will take the plunge later this year when he weds Juliette. She will hope his dashing Clooney-like good looks come through his assignment unscathed.


Keith Graham


Age: 31


Another senior football stalwart number one net minder Keith ‘John O’Leary’ Graham is one of the longest serving players in the club and boasts an illustrious underage record, albeit many moons ago now. Normally avoids most of the physical confrontation thanks to his position and the protection of his full back line, Keith will find himself in the thick of the action in this challenge. Possessing a good eye for stopping bullets this time he will be look to dodge them. Has shown up well in training and a dark horse worth keeping an eye on.


Peadar McGrane


Age: 38


The well-travelled McGrane, the eldest of a famous trio, will take to the ring from his Co Dublin training base in Newcastle. Peadar, who honed his skills Stateside for many years, brings a wealth of experience to this year’s event in addition to a bench press ratio nudging the upper end of the scale. Successfully navigated a near ambush from young gun Eoin Young last year and will put the experience to good use in 2012. Likely to be a lively post fight celebration if the result is the same. Book work off until Tuesday at least.



Ian Ward


Age: 26


Another attracting big money in the betting and will be expected to bring his teak tough approach on the football and hurling fields into the ring with him. Vastly experienced and won’t be fazed by the rough and tumble. Unlikely to be permitted to bring his work issue handcuffs into the ring but equally unlikely to need them. Cool customer, the shy retiring type, who never loses the rag or engages in verbals, he will be one to avoid in the draw. Will go the three rounds without a second thought – and more if required.



David Costigan

Nickname: Cozzy

Age: 27

Garda David Costigan is from Clondalkin and plays football with Towers Intermediate footballers. He is participating in the White Collar Boxing event to raise as much money as possible for the club and also for the training experience. His ambitions are to win of course, but the most important thing is to raise as much money as he can for the club.


Niall Connaughton

Age: 34

From Clondalkin, Niall needs little introduction to club members and is the club’s Assistant Secretary and Sponsorship Officer. Niall is also the Dublin County Juvenile Chairman and manager of our Under 16s.  This is his second year participating in the White Collar Boxing event, having triumphed at the inaugural night in 2011. His ambitions for 2012 are clear: win!


Jade Hyland

Age: 19

Jade is a Clondalkin native who plays Camógie for Round Towers and has been since she was about six years old. Jade is a full-time student at the Institute of Technology Tallaght, where she is in her first year studying Social Care.  She is a fluent Irish Speaker who loves to hear the ‘cúpla focal’ being used. Explaining why she is participating in the White Collar Boxing Event 2012, Jade states: “I have always had an interest in boxing, but I am a shy person and never would join a club by myself. When I heard about this I thought it would be a great opportunity because I know some of the people from the GAA Club involved.” She adds:” I would love to win on the night, however I know that it is going to be tough, so I have decided, if I win, lose or draw on the night, that I will still be delighted because it is the experience and achievement that counts!” 


David Chapman

Nickname: The Pressure

Age: 27

Another Clondalkin native, David has been playing with Towers since he was a nipper. He is currently wing back on Towers Intermediates, provided Cubby Murphy doesn’t drop him! By day, David is a Garda on the beat in the city centre.  He is taking part in White Collar Boxing 2012 to increase his fitness levesl, fundraise for the club and to get to punch other club members! He participated last year and won, though he has been told it was a controversial win. This year’s ambition is to win clean and fair.



Colm Ó Broin

Nickname: Broiner
Age: 35
Colm Ó Broin from Watery Lane in Clondalkin and is the older brother of senior footballer Cónán. He played underage for Towers and spent a few years with the Hit Squad later on. After spending several years working in Donegal and Belfast Colm returned to Clondalkin in 2011. He writes for the newspaper Gaelscéal and has recently set up an Irish language committee in Áras Chrónáin. He is enjoying the training with Michael and Fergal Carruth and is looking forward to the big night in the Red Cow. He is taking part to try a new challenge and to raise money for Towers.




Profiles courtesy of club PRO Mick McGlynn