These videos are part of the Getting Started video series from the Foireann Support Team.

As the implementation of Foireann continues across the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Associations, this video forms just a small part of the support and help available to Members and Clubs, that will improve their knowledge and confidence when using the system no matter what their role is.

Make sure you check out the other videos, from this series and others, as well as review the additional help and support content available throughout the Foireann Help Centre.

Accessing Foireann

This video provides Members and Clubs with step-by-step instructions on registering with Foireann and creating your profile.

Finding your way around Foireann

This video provides Members and Clubs with a detailed walk-through of how best to navigate Foireann and the features it offers.

Accessing Foireann

In this video Clubs are guided on the various methods by which they can assign Administrators on Foireann. Aimed primarily at existing Admins, or perhaps Club Officers tasked with assigning Club Admins, the video gives and overview of the role as well as the steps that should be taken to put a Club Admin in place.