Football blitz proving great success

Round Tower GAA Club is hosting an inaugural football blitz that is bringing juvenile footballers together from key footballing codes in a a competitive sporting and fun environment.

Throughout the month of January on Saturday mornings, the All Weather playing surface at Monastery Road is hosting 60 footballers who compete for the club at Under 14, Under 15 and Under 16 level. The blitz is being run by Round Tower Coaching Officer Derek Murray with the assistance of adult footballers Ian Ward and Rory Dunne. The mentors of the respective teams are also providing coaching assistance.

“What we’re facilitating is a constant mix of ongoing small-sided games that are giving players plenty of opportunities on the ball to develop their skills on a fast playing surface and in a competitive environment,” Derek explains. “We’re also working with the players in smaller groups where they are undergoing skills drills and doing ballwork practice. The players are showing great enthusiasm and this is an excellent way to introduce themselves to one another. In the near future these players will be moving from juvenile to adult level and playing with one another. We felt it a worthwhile exercise to bring them together at this stage to play in a competitive environment with and against one another. Its an excellent opportunity for them to develop their skills by playing against those in and around the same age-group.”

Niall Connaughton, Club Chairman said: “This blitz is proving an excellent success and I thank the coaches and those who are supporting it every Saturday morning. It’s a crucial stage in their football development and this blitz will stand to them as they move into new season and towards adult football. Feeback from the players and their mentors has been extremely positive and we hope this will become an annual event.”

The club is very thankful to Derek, Ian, Rory and the team mentors. Our gratitude is also extended to  Mary Douglas, Dawn O’Neill and Martina Lyons who are providing the catering and refreshments, and to Philip Carr for his refereeing of the games. New players are welcome to participate on Saturday morning.