Club Sponsorship policy

By on August 11, 2014

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a smooth relationship between the club and any sponsors and to avoid repetition of any past mistakes. It is intended to vigorously pursue club sponsorship for 2012 and maximise the benefits of our massive local & web/social media presence.

All team managers must seek approval from the Executive committee prior to entering into any sponsorship agreement with any business or vendor.

Once an agreement is entered into with a vendor, the following shall apply:

In the case of a team sponsorship agreement, the mentor will be the point of contact, assisted if required by the Runaí/Sponsorship officer.

In the case of a club sponsorship agreement, the club sponsorship officer assisted by the Runaí will be the point of contact, unless there is a strong relationship between the vendor and a designated member/partisan.

There will be a clear agreement between both sides (club & vendor) regarding what is expected of both parties. For example Liffey Valley might agree that they will give x amount of funding to the Senior Footballers along with the facility to run bi-annual fundraisers on site. In return they might seek to have their logo on our website, occasional presence on our social media suite and a media launch.

There will be a minimum of twice annual contact by the Sponsorship officer with the vendor to ensure all sides are satisfied.

The responsibility of actioning the above will lie with the sponsorship officer.

Is mise le meas,

Dean Alford