Under 12 hurlers comprehensive victors v Towers Lusk

By on April 29, 2013

Under 12 hurling mentor Eric Byrne reports on a comprehensive league victory v Round Towers Lusk.  


It was off to the sunny north-side last weekend to see which club would come home with the spoils and bragging rights to the Towers name. After our Friday skills session the lads were pumped and eager to preform. The next fifty minutes left me stunned and in awe of our lads. Every move they countered, every twist and turn fluid in motion, every catch and puc we watched in dream like state as the Clondalkin lads systematically broke down their opponents. I make it sound easy, but it was far from that as the walking wounded quickly piled up on the sideline. The first was chopper with a dislocated finger but he still managed the whole first half. The next victim was rocket kelly with his busted hand under his arm. Medics on the sideline had him patched up and again he was back into the fray. We also picked up our first yellow card in two years as the game went into overdrive and D-man coolly picked up four points and the card after being a mere fraction of a second late. Our defence were in berserker mode as nothing, and I mean nothing, got passed them. Oisin broke down play after play with some fine stick work throughout the match, our Man of the Match Aaron Whelan sent birds scattering from the trees with a block down that shook the very ground. Overall I think this was the finest performance that the lads have played to date and  the only way is up. thanks again to the parents as 18 players togged out, Round Towers (C) 4-11 V Round Towers (L) 0- 0. I can safely say, there is only one Towers :) Towers abú