Camogie News – Under 8’s & 9’s relay challenge & 13’s Skillstar competition

By on February 25, 2016

Congratulations to the Under 8 and Under 9 camogie teams who managed to hit sliotars for 35kms in our relay challenge around the perimeter of the main pitch in Monastery Road. For the event the girls filled sponsorship cards to raise money for the team’s particitpatoin in the Kube. Well done all!

Well done to all the Under 13 girls who took part in the Skillstar competition recently in Monastery Road. Before the event, the girls all collected sponsorship to raise much needed funds for their new playing equipent. All in all, the girls took part in 10 different excercises with the emphasis on concentrating on the core skills of camogie, including catching, soloing, ground play, hand passing and hitting from the hand and free taking and points were collected for each of the drills. Finally, there were a number of volunteers who helped out on the day, includling our parents, mentors and Ciara and Joanne from the senior team also came down.

Under 8 Camogie Fundraiser