Towers volunteers supporting people across Clondalkin during Covid-19

By on April 29, 2020

Round Tower’s Covid-19 Volunteer Group are supporting 57 families during this national emergency, The group are working with two local schools to provide lunches to children who would traditionally receive such from their school. The Department of Education are supporting the initiative that is seeing 57 families being supported by the Towers volunteers in the Clondalkin community every Tuesday and Friday. And on top of that, our volunteers are also doing family shops to support families that are confined and unable to carry out their weekly shop during Covid-19. 346 people have been visited with shopping and food parcels since started. The support is undertaken hand-in-hand with South Dublin County Council’s Community Department. Visits are also being undertaken by Towers Members across the community to provide company to older people, with one set of visits entailing visiting an elderly lady who daughter lives in the UK. Thank you Dave Maguire for coordinating the team of volunteers and to all who have participated.

Pictured are Ger Mc Cormack and Mark Maguire heading out on the School Food Parcels drop from Deansrath College.