Round Tower AGM – 4th December 2020

By on November 25, 2020

Dear Members,

I hope you and your family are well at this time. I am writing to all members to update everyone about this year’s AGM. As you will appreciate and understand, due to restrictions we cannot have a physical AGM in our clubrooms, yet we still want to have an AGM to discuss the business of the club with members. Our last AGM was held in January 2020 and since March everything we have done has been influenced by COVID.  We have explored any and all the options made available to us by Croke Park that will keep us in line with GAA guidelines and have chosen to have a virtual AGM on the evening of Friday December 4th at 7pm.

Obviously, this will not be a normal AGM, and it will be very difficult to coordinate. Being as practical as we can, we need to have some restriction on the agenda and on the attendance. While this is not ideal, it would not be practical, safe or possible to have an online meeting where the attendance is not controlled. To this end, the following will be invited to attend the AGM on 4th of December:

  1. Club President and Club Vice Presidents
  2. Members of this year’s Executive
  3. Any member nominated for a position on the new Executive
  4. A representative from each sub-committee within the club (listed below)
  1. Adult Games Football
    1. Adult Games Hurling
    1. Adult Games Camogie
    1. Juvenile Games Boys
    1. Juvenile Games Girls
    1. Towers  Óg
    1. Juvenile Games Camogie
    1. GPO Steering Group
    1. Gym Working Group
    1. Social Committee
    1. Lotto Committee

Prior to the AGM, each subcommittee will meet with the members they represent and  will nominate the person who will represent them, and gather any, and all, relevant issues that the members wish discussed at this year’s AGM. We hope that our members will understand that this is the best we can do in these strange times.

I would like to remind every member about our commitment to our new High Performance Model and that we need and seek new faces on our committees. I am genuinely encouraging people to volunteer for roles on the Executive and sub-committees for 2021. Members are encouraged to stand for election to the club Executive and nominations are accepted for each position on the committee.  All nominations for Executive positions must be submitted to the club secretary by email to  by 20th November 2020. All nominations must state the position that the member is being nominated for, the name of the member being nominated, the name of the members nominating and seconding the nomination.

At our AGM on the 4th of December the following business shall be conducted in accordance with Rule 8.4 – Official Guide Part 1 – Club Constitution – Part 1 (page 171) which states:

(a)        Adoption of Standing Orders.

(b)        Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting.

(c)        Consideration of the Annual Report submitted by the Secretary.

(d)        Consideration of the Financial Statements including the Report of the Accountant(s)        or Auditor(s).

(e)        The Chairperson’s Address.

(f)         Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.

(g)        Notices of Motion.

(h)        Other Business

Motions will be accepted but in line with advice from the GAA, we ask members to consider not submitting contentious motions that can be dealt with at a later date.

Further coordination details will be shared nearer the date. If anyone has any questions please contact me at

Is Mise Le Meas

Padraig Maccarthy