Laundry Service – Exclusive offer for Round Tower Mentors

By on October 8, 2018
We are informing of an offer to Towers teams to allow you have your team jerseys collected, cleaned and returned for just €10. The online service, which has a dedicated app, is already being used by some team mentors to clean jerseys, with a full set washed, folded, collected and delivered. A special rate is being offered to Towers teams of €10 for a full set of jerseys.
After placing your order it can be collected from your home at a pre agreed time and date and dry cleaned, and returned back at an agreed time and date.  This is a very very convenient service and can take all the hassle out of cleaning jerseys. And it is excellent value.
These are the instructions to download the app and place an order. 
  1. Download the app  click here to order 
  2. Enter your address that you want the jerseys to be collected from and delivered to.
  3.  Select your Provider (dry cleaner)  – it should be “Best Launder”
  4. Select ” Go to store” 
  5. Select “Special Offer” from Drop down Menu
  6. Select “jersey offer” is in the special offers section – price is €10.00.
  7. Select “Checkout”
  8. Select date and time for collection & delivery & leave special note if required.
  9. Confirm that your order details, collection & delivery times are correct.
  10. Proceed to Checkout
  11. Now set up an account (you only need to do this for the first order)
  12. Enter Credit Card Details
  13. Place order.