Hurling workshop Friday 2nd March with Martin Fogarty

By on February 25, 2018

A Hurling Workshop with Kilkenny great Martin Fogarty will be hosted this coming Friday, 2nd March, at Monastery Road. It will take place 7.30pm to 9pm and the workshop is titled The Game as a Teaching Medium. Martin is the National Hurling Development Manager and the course is being organised by Dublin GAA Coaching & Games Development. Further detail follows and anyone participating is asked to register. Click here to register.

About the workshop

Good decision-making is essential for performance in hurling but can be difficult to coach, particularly when trying to use direct coaching and explaining to players what to do. Players in hurling games constantly have to make decisions that depend upon a range of factors such as the team strategy, the stage of the game and the specific nature of the precise moment when the decision has to be made. Good decision making in Games often involves being aware of and adapting to a changing and dynamic environment. This means that developing and improving decision-making requires some replication of match conditions in training.

The aim of the course is to use games as a teaching medium:

Introduce games for promoting decision making, anticipation, attention, and perception. to develop creative and intelligent performers
Encourage different forms of communication amongst team members (e.g. visual as well as verbal).
Understanding games for learning with the emphasis shifting from the technical to the tactical & better team play
Activities to develop critical thinking and problem solving.
Tutor: Martin Fogarty Venue: Round Towers Clondalkin