Health & Wellbeing Training for Officers – Club this coming Monday

By on October 21, 2016

GAA Health and Wellbeing Officers are playing a hugely important role in clubs in Dublin and the benefits of having a Health and Wellbeing Officer is very evident throughout the county.  It is very important that every club has a Health and Wellbeing Officer and a Health and Wellbeing Committee in place.

Dublin County Board Health and Wellbeing Committee is providing training for club Health and Wellbeing  Officers.  Given the importance of this role, it is recommended that the club health and wellbeing officer and the club chairman or other club officer attend the training.   This training is an opportunity for club members to be involved in the promotion of health and wellbeing in clubs with the support of the County Board Committee.  It is a very important and rewarding role.

The training will take place this coming Monday, October 24th at Round Tower GAA Club at 8.30pm. To register to attend click here.