COVID19: Essential for players, coaches, mentors, supporters: Health Questionnaire & eLearning

By on June 23, 2020

We are pleased as a club to be able to return to the playing fields from this Wednesday, June 24th, for adult teams and from Saturday, June 27th, for all other teams. We’ve been away from the games since March and we sincerely hope to see you back with us playing the games.

There are two essential requirements for completion for players, coaches and mentors prior to returning to Gaelic Games. You can now complete:

GAA Covid19 Health Questionnaire

GAA Covid19 eLearning Module

In the interests of public health and the wellbeing of our players, coaches and supporters, we have stuck closely to the GAA’s plans from day one, which in itself has mirrored the government’s approach.

This plan incorporates Gaelic games for the GAA, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association and the Camogie Association.

We are now in a position to return to activity following the following timeline:

  • June 24 – adult teams return to non-contact training
  • June 26– all other teams return to non-contact training
  • June 29 – return to contact sport and challenge matches
  • July 17 – return to matches
  • August – re-opening of dressing rooms and clubhouses

As a club, we must adhere to the following guidelines to allow us to return. Some of these conditions have been laid down by the Government and will apply to all sports to facilitate a test and trace system.

As with all aspects of life, there is a risk involved in playing sport, similar to using public transport or shopping. The Gaelic Games authorities have attempted to minimise this risk and we hope you will help us by playing your part.


ALL players (or if less than 18 their parents) must complete to the 20-minute online training resource which can be found here Please save or screengrab the confirmation certificate to state that you have completed the course.


Below are some conditions that will underpin our return to activity. This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change.

  • All players must complete an online health questionnaire before the first session or match. This must be completed by every player before they can participate and you can undertake it here. Every team will have a Covid-19 suvervisor who will link in with the Club Covid Officer when needed – Juvenile Chairperson, Dean Alford. Once this is done players will have to revisit the form to confirm that their circumstances have not changed before every team gathering.
  • Players showing signs of illness should not present for a training session/match.
  • The only part of our dressing-rooms that will be open will be the toilets but please try and use the toilet where possible at home before arrival to reduce demand on the facility.
  • Where possible please walk or cycle to training to reduce traffic and demand on parking facilities.
  • No team will carry spare hurleys or helmets or other gear; players must have their own.
  • Similarly, no bottles can be shared for drinking purposes.
  • All balls and sliotars will be cleaned after each session.
  • Training will be held in groups of 10 with two mentors assigned to each grouping adhering to the Code of Behaviour during the non contact sessions.
  • Temperature testing is the responsibility of players / guardians – clubs will not have thermometres.
  • Hand sanitiser and any other required hygiene products should now form part of our kits bags.

We understand that the information listed above means considerable change for everybody but if we get it right from the start, we believe it will work for the benefit of everyone.

Naturally, some people may feel apprehensive, but we hope our detailed plan will re-assure parents and players alike how seriously the club is taking its responsibilities.

Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either your team mentor or designated team supervisor or our Juvenile Chairperson / Club Covid Officer Dean Alford.

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