Aoife to participate in TV blitz

By on May 14, 2016

We’re set to have a TV Star! Our very own Aoife Robertson, a footballer with the Under 10 Girls, won a competition to take part in a mini-blitz in Parnell Park. Aoife followed the GAA Go Games Skill Challenges with RTÉ’s Swipe TV, which is broadcast on Friday’s at 4.30pm. Swipe TV has been popping out videos of various county players practising their football and hurling skills and this inspired it to run a competition that asked kids to practice their skills, upload a video to their site, and then have an opportunity to take part in a mini-blitz in Parnell Park.

Aoife uploaded a 30 second video of herself doing a solo run with both fee and she was selected to participate in the blitz. She is one of 32 kids participating and will be in a team of eight with an inter-county player.. They will play 20 minute matches this coming Wednesday – all filmed for RTE to be broadcast at the end of the month.

Maria Robertson of our Under 10 Girl Footballers said: “To say Aoife is excited is an understatement – to say we’re excited is a bigger understatement! Well done Aoife!”

Congrats to Aoife and we hope her success inspires other girls (and boys!) to practice their skills and take challenges.

Aoife Robertson